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Traditional and cloud-native. On-premise and in the cloud. No matter what you build, Red Hat® OpenShift® is the leading Kubernetes platform for delivering the extraordinary to your users, faster than you can imagine.

Ship faster

OpenShift customers have shorter application development cycles, and deliver better quality software, with greater adoption among their users.

Deploy anywhere

Get OpenShift as a managed service, in the cloud, or in your own datacenter; migrate applications seamlessly no matter where you run.

Operate with confidence

OpenShift manages security from operating system to container to application.

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Innovation is what removes barriers and opens new horizons.

Olaf Schnapauff, CTO, Global Operations

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Red Hat OpenShit Online

Quickly build, deploy, and scale in the public cloud

  • On-demand access to OpenShift to manage containerized applications
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
  • Deploy up to 4 services for free
Red Hat OpenShit Dedicated

Professionally managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes

  • Private, high-availability OpenShift clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
Red Hat OpenShit Container Platform

Secure Kubernetes platform on your own infrastructure

  • Build, deploy and manage your container-based applications consistently across cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Hosted and managed by Red Hat

Customer success stories

Red Hat OpenShift has more public reference customers in production with Kubernetes than any other container platform


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The 10 layers of container security

Red Hat Summit

Summit 2018 highlights

Catch up on keynotes and interviews

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Kubernetes is the platform. Now what?

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