Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Develop, Deploy, and Manage Your Containers

Red Hat® OpenShift is a container application platform that brings docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise.

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

OpenShift includes Kubernetes for container orchestration and management. OpenShift adds developer and operations-centric tools that enable:

  • Rapid application development
  • Easy deployment and scaling
  • Long-term life-cycle maintenance for teams and applications


OpenShift leverages integrated components from Kubernetes to automate:

  • Application builds
  • Deployments
  • Scaling
  • Health management
  • And more!

Container Storage

Dynamically provision storage for multiple storage types. Expose different tiers of storage to developers using Quality of Service (QoS) labels.

Enhanced Container Platform Multi-Tenancy

Container platform multi-tenancy makes managing many projects across teams straightforward. Use the improved web console to:

  • Quickly search for projects
  • Get project details
  • Manage project membership

Multiple Language Support with Polyglot

Run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform and take advantage of the docker eco-system.

Self-Service Platform

Developers can rapidly create applications on-demand with the tools they use most. Administrators can leverage placement and policy to best orchestrate their environments.

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IDC: The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift

IDC interviewed organizations that use Red Hat OpenShift as their primary application development platform to find out what business values and ROI OpenShift was able to provide.

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Multiple Deployment Models to Meet Your Needs

OpenShift lets you easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or private. Whether it’s on-premise, in a public cloud, or hosted, you have an award-winning platform to get your next big idea to market ahead of your competition.

Red Hat
OpenShift Online

On-Demand Access

Quickly build, deploy, and manage containerized applications in the public cloud, operated and supported by Red Hat.

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Red Hat
OpenShift Dedicated

Enterprise Public Cloud

Develop and manage powerful containerized applications with your own OpenShift cluster, operated by Red Hat.

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Red Hat
OpenShift Container Platform

In Your Data Center

Bring the benefits of PaaS to the enterprise with a private application platform in your data center or private cloud.

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