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Red Hat

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What others are saying

OpenShift provides a Java developer with the convenience of a SaaS with the control of running your own Tomcat server which is essential for managing a high performance Java site. I have access to tweak everything in whatever way my app demands.

Lee Clarke, CODStat

With OpenShift, I can have a developer deploy her first line of business logic in less time than a meeting with an IT organization.

Gregori Faroux, Digistarters

In my first 3 days with the OpenShift Online service I was able to stand up Django-CMS, Redis, OwnCloud, Sonar, Sugar-CRM, WordPress, Jmeter, Node.JS, MongoDB, and Jenkins; and hosted a hackathon and several workshops for 88 senior developers, solution architects. If I could do all this in my spare time in just three days, I cannot wait to see how productive our technical teams can get in the next 30 days!

David Perales Ferrera, Telefonica Digital

#Vote for our #OpenStack Summit talk: Scale or Fail! Scaling Apps with Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift on OpenStack openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2…

Diane Mueller

The @openshift Journey: A tale of #cloud, #DevOps, #Microservices, + #containers | shrd.vu/bhmJY

Eragon Lab

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by the OpenShift authentication being currently down. Our engineers are working to restore it ASAP.

Red Hat Support

#nubomedia platform to utilize Openshift to enhance its PaaS capabilities to evolve to a modern application platform ow.ly/31oD4I

Nubomedia Project