During the recent Red Hat Summit in Boston, FICO talked about how they used Openshift and and Openstack to expedite their time to value for the FICO Analytic Cloud.

Our relationship with Red Hat is more than a partnership. It's a shared-goal, shared-vision, shared-outcome relationship where everybody is in it for the same reason. And mutual goals produce outstanding outcomes.

Tony McGivern, Chief Information Officer, FICO

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Session Highlights

Business Driven

The decision to move to a PaaS offering was clearly driven by business, as it needed to:

  • Expand to middle markets, beyond top tier financial services organizations
  • Move traditional on-premises offerings to a XaaS / Service Provider model.
  • Reduce costs


  • FICO leveraged the utilization of investment already made in F5 routers and monitoring tools, integrating it with Openshift.
  • Red Hat Satellite 6 was used to ensure package and deployment consistency across the infrastructure.


After the successful implementation of both Red Hat Openstack and Red Hat Openshift, a few measurable outcomes were:

  • Ability to templatize deployment of applications, regardless of where it will run. The same packaged app could be deployed on a public or private cloud.
  • Up to 70% reduction in time to value for developing analytic solutions.

If you want more details, don't forget to also read FICO's recently published sucess story.


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