OpenShift blog

    March 8, 2018

    Detecting Docker Exploits and Vulnerabilities - Your How-to Guide

    There has never been a better time to be a DevOps engineer. Compared to traditional web stacks, containerization has dramatically streamlined the task of deploying web services such as databases, ...

    Yathi Naik

    November 2, 2017

    Machine Learning and Security: Setting the Record Straight

    Machine learning (ML) can be a powerful tool for augmenting the detection efficacy of a cybersecurity solution. Using it effectively means first cutting through the hype and understanding the ...

    Rohan Tandon

    August 29, 2017

    Where Machine Learning Meets Security

    The last few decades have seen tremendous progress in machine learning (ML) algorithms and techniques. This progress, combined with various open-source efforts to curate implementations of a large ...

    Vishwanath Raman