OpenShift blog

    May 5, 2021

    Now Available: OpenShift Serverless 1.14

    We'd like to announce the latest release of OpenShift Serverless, version 1.14! This release targets, and is available for free, as part of OpenShift Container Platform 4.7 and 4.6.   Since our ...

    Naina Singh

    October 14, 2020

    Why and When you need to consider OpenShift Serverless

    Where is my server? This is the joke that I always hear from a colleague every time we talk about serverless. But all kidding aside, I believe that this is what most people think about when the ...

    Michael Calizo

    September 8, 2020

    OpenShift Serverless Eventing Explained in 5 Minutes

      Over on the spectacular Red Hat Developers site, Brian Tannous has put together a great video explaining the ins and outs of event-driven serverless development on OpenShift. Serverless is a great ...

    Alex Handy

    August 19, 2020

    OpenShift Serverless & Serverless Framework Component

    We are excited to announce that we have been collaborating with the, creators of popular open-source Serverless framework, the leading framework for Serverless  applications, to create ...

    William Markito Oliveira

    June 24, 2020

    Quarkus is here for your Java

      We've got some exciting news for Java users. Red Hat is now offering Quarkus as a fully supported Java runtime as a part of Red Hat Runtimes. This bolsters a number of products and projects in the ...

    Ken Johnson

    April 30, 2020

    OpenShift Serverless now GA

    Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of OpenShift Serverless. Based on the Knative open source Kubernetes serverless project, OpenShift Serverless enables developers to build ...

    Alex Handy

    March 17, 2020

    Announcing OpenShift Serverless 1.5.0 Tech Preview – A sneak peek of our GA

    I am sure many of you are as excited as we about cloud native development, and one of the hot topics in the space is Serverless. With that in mind let’s talk about our most recent release of ...

    William Markito Oliveira

    January 2, 2019

    Kubernetes Guideposts for 2019

    As we look ahead to 2019, we take a view of the industry of Kubernetes, containers, and cloud platforms. Here are some predictions on what we see ahead. 1. Kubernetes and containers are widely ...

    Reza Shafii

    December 20, 2018

    [Podcast] PodCTL - Reviewing KubeCon Seattle 2018

    In 2016, just over a 1,000 people gathered in Seattle for the first "large" KubeCon event. Just two years later, the event had grow to over 8,000 attendees (+ a long waiting list). The event has ...

    Brian Gracely

    November 9, 2018

    [Podcast] PodCTL #54 - Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet

    As we close in on another KubeCon, it's useful to examine how the industry has evolved to provide platforms and services that are optimized for the applications that drive business. The Kubernetes ...

    Brian Gracely

    October 25, 2018

    Knative: Configuration, Routes and Revisions

    This is part 3 of a series on serverless applications with Knative. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here and if you are interested in a deep dive tutorial then its here Knative tutorial Introduction In ...

    Kamesh Sampath

    October 5, 2018

    Knative: Serving your Serverless Services

    This is part 1 of a series on serverless applications with Knative. part 2 is here, part 3 is here and if you are interested in a deep dive tutorial then its here  Knative Tutorial.   There has been ...

    Kamesh Sampath