New Online Features for June 2013

I'm happy to announce a very exciting release from OpenShift and that our upgrade is complete!

New v2 Cartridge Format

The new cartridge format is finally in production. This is the culmination of several months of work both inside Red Hat and from the community. There are several blog posts on the subject and anyone interested in cartridge development should start here:

Downloadable Cartridges

In addition to the new cartridge format is custom downloadable cartridges. These downloadable cartridges allow users to use any cartridge they want in OpenShift Online. This will better help our community publish and create their own custom languages, frameworks and applications. I'm very happy with this new feature and can't wait to see what others start to run on OpenShift.

Apache, Scaling and CLI Enhancements

We've also made some tuning changes, users with an Apache based cartridge have a much higher MaxClients than before at 50. The scaling algorithm has also been updated to correct for some conditions where constant load would still result in scale up and down events. We've also added some better details to the CLI tools so users can examine specific ports or logs at a per gear level.

What's Next?

Hello Mike,

Thanks for putting together information about recent changes in OpenShift environment.

Am I right assuming that all standard cartridges are trated the same way as downloadable? For example, Ruby cartridge is standard, and naturally, there will be some changes to in future. What would be the process of updating it on my gear? How can I bring upstream changes to my environment? I assume there will be some activities on RedHat side to update it in bulk...

Could you please tell us more about it?

Thanks, Boris

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