New OpenShift Online Features Roundup

OpenShift Online releases come roughly every 3 weeks and are chock-full of great features that enable users to onboard and manage their production-grade web applications and mobile application back-ends. With the completion of each upgrade, a release blog is written to summarize the new user-facing features. If you haven't been following our releases lately, here's a summary of the past 6 months of features that enable your use cases on OpenShift Online.


Exciting new OpenShift Online features in March 2014 include:

  • Simplified Template Directory
  • New Downloadable Vert.x Cartridge
  • Simpler JBoss Configuration Management
  • Improved Blog Navigation
  • Added Debug Information on Console Errors


The release for February 2014 brings:

  • Shifting forums to StackOverflow
  • Updated search utility function
  • SCP added to rhc command line tools
  • Jenkins integration with downloadable cartridges and more


The January 2014 Release added several new supported features including:

  • PHP 5.4
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Python 3.3
  • Zend Server 6.1 with PHP 5.4
  • Quota notifications
  • Improved auto-scaling


The December release brought some very exciting additions:

  • 50% Price reduction for Silver!
  • New Large Gears.
  • Different size cartridges for the same app.
  • New Web Console.


The November release introduces features such as:

  • Zero downtime deployment for scalable apps
  • The ability to easily rollback your app to a previous deployment
  • A better looking and easier to use console.


Our October release includes:

  • User/group membership
  • Secret tokens
  • Gear visibility and more.

Thank you for update sir, i am happy to use openshift services. keep it update

Will these features be available for openshift origin?

Yes, these should already be available on Origin.

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