New OpenShift Release - Aug 8, 2012 - Java 7, CakePHP, Origin Updates and more!

Here's what's new in this release:

Support for Java 7

The first is that we've added official support for Java 7.  From this date forward, all jbosseap-6.0 and jbossas-7 applications will default to using Java 7. Users can remove a marker file from their git repo to switch back to Java 6:

rm .openshift/markers/java7

git commit -a -m “removed java7 marker”

git push

Anyone with an existing application will remain on Java 6 unless they manually migrate to Java 7 by adding the java7 marker in their git repo:

touch .openshift/markers/java7

git commit -a -m “added java7 marker”

git push

That's all there is to it!  Users can switch back and forth between 7 and 6 as much as they want. If you want to learn more about how to run and test both Java 6 and 7 on OpenShift, check out Marek's blog post for details.

New CakePHP Template

For you PHP developers out there we've added the popular CakePHP framework as a one-click deployment from the Management Console. Check out Grant's blog on why you should be using a PHP framework like CodeIgniter or CahePHP in the cloud.

Lots of Updates to OpenShift Origin

To our OpenShift origin users, I'm happy to announce a new Live CD that has the latest version available. There's lots in this update including:

  • Easier installation
  • mcollective + qpid plugin
  • Improved build scripts
  • Support for Network Manager
  • Custom domains
  • Support for internal and external interfaces
  • And more!

You'll need to check out Krishna's blog post to get all the details.

Friendly Reminders

Remember that with every release you should upgrade your client tools to get the latest bug fixes and functionality enabled. In case you forgot, it's simple:


sudo gem update rhc

As always with new releases we want to know what you think. Send an email to or stop by #openshift on


nothing for python/postgresql world? ok...

I created an app yesterday, but in my pom I find these lines:

<maven.compiler.source>1.6</maven.compiler.source> <>1.6</>

Also, the Java project facet is set to 6. Whats wrong?

However, I do have the java7 marker.

Try removing the java7 marker and push the change (will use Java6). Let us know how it goes.


Hi Nam,

Thanks for your reply!

I've created a new application because I had some other troubles and it seemed best to me to just start from scratch again :-)

The project facet for java was set to Java 1.6 so I set it to 1.7

Also the maven-copmiler is configured the source and target for java 1.6. I've changed them to 1.7 and it looks OK now.

I work with Eclipse and the jboss tools which has neat integration with openshift. But after created the app on the openshift site and importing an existing openshift project into my eclipse workspace there is a a bug causing maven to complain. So I let maven update my project configuration, maybe that cauzed it to set everything to 1.6? I don't know.

So for any user who looks to run his java app on java 7 should check his project facets en pom.xml -> maven compiler configurations.

PS. I love openshift! keep up the good work:D

Thank you for feedback and solution to the issue!! Nice work!!

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