The OpenShift Week in Review Ending April 1, 2012


Here's this week's digest of all the cool content that showed up on the web last week. Check it!

New Blogs

Heeeeellllllllo Shifters! - Steven Citron-Pousty

Touch4j meet OpenShift - David La Motta

Hosting WordPress on OpenShft - David Slater

10 Steps to Run Spring Data Neo4j on OpenShift - Tomas Augusto Muller

Creating HTML Mobile Apps Connected to the OpenShift REST API - Tiggzi

Diving into Ruby, Sinatra and MongoDB on OpenShift -

Get Up and Running with TorqueBox on OpenShift - Ben Browning

Upgrade Cygwin to Console2 and improve the productivity of OpenShift's rhc client tools on Windows - Grant Shipley

Installing and Hosting Joomla on OpenShift - Kevin Hooke

OpenShift Test Drive - Ryan Cutter

New GitHub Quickstarts

Node.js on OpenShift - Grant Shipley

Go on OpenShift - GCMurphy

Webpy on OpenShift - EHazlett

WebPy and Jinja2 on OpenShift - Yaph

Etherpad on OpenShift - Wesley Hearn

Geminabox on OpenShift - cwninja

Featured Applications on OpenShift

OmniFaces on OpenShift - @henk53

Etherpad on OpenShift - Wesley Hearn

New Events Added

Build Your Own PaaS, Just Like Red Hat's at DC Cloud User Group - May 10 - Reston, VA

Red Hat Developer Day at Open Cloud Conference - April 30-May 3 - Sunnyvale, CA