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In our code healthy hackathon, we invited developers to build any app on OpenShift Online that made a healthy impact.

Build, Develop, Deploy, and Manage Your Containers

OpenShift is designed to provide one thing for developers: ease of use without worries. OpenShift's mission is to make your job easier by taking care of all the messy IT aspects of app development and allowing you to focus on your job: coding your app and satisfying your users.

Focus on your code, not I.T.

OpenShift Online lets developers be creative with their apps, freedom to focus on your app, we focus on the I.T. & infrastructure.

Your framework, your choice

OpenShift Online gives you the ability to choose your language and tools to develop your app.

Instant access & speed of development

Receive instant access to the platform and quickly develop your business, startup or next big idea.

Superior Developer Experience

Create and manage applications utilizing a rich set of command-line tools, a powerful multi-device web console, or an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment such as JBoss® Developer Studio.