Startup Program

From development to launch to scale, the OpenShift® Startup Program is designed to give you the resources, support, and environment you need to succeed.

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See the below FAQ for country and other restrictions.

Startup Program Features and Benefits

The OpenShift Startup Program is free to join and gives you access to a package of benefits including:

OpenShift Account Credit

Enough free resources, including larger gear sizes and additional storage, to develop and launch your application and an extended discount once you're ready to scale.

Customer Support

Enjoy the same benefits as Silver Plan customers, with access to award-winning Red Hat® support.

Experienced Startup Team

Communicate with an experienced team for application and operational support, marketing opportunities, early access program consideration, product feedback, and more.

Marketing Opportunities

Get Featured in the OpenShift Application Gallery, the OpenShift Blog, social media, or on our customer pages to help promote your products.

The Power of Red Hat OpenShift Online

Red Hat OpenShift Online takes care of operations so you can focus on your product. Write in the languages and frameworks you choose, and leverage the security, scaling, and support from Red Hat, the world’s most trusted name in open source technology.

Extended Community

Receive prioritized access to early access and beta services, invitations to speak at local events, access to OpenShift Commons, and the ability to tell your story to a wider audience.

Who should apply?

If you are a privately-held software startup developing a SaaS-based product or service and looking for resources on OpenShift, please apply. See the below FAQ for country and other restrictions. If you are a non-profit, educational institution, open source initiative, or freeware provider, please consider applying for the Resource Grant Program.

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"As developers, we were tired of wasting time learning to configure and manage servers. Moving to OpenShift made hosting RocketBolt as easy as doing a Git push. Everything 'just worked' the first time we pushed our codebase live."

Aaron Dinin, Founder & Backend Engineer - RocketBolt

"Now we spend little time managing or maintaining IT operations, usually just minutes a week. OpenShift is very simple to use. It just works."

Dr. Fabian Braun, Founder and CEO - A.IX Capital

"OpenShift has provided the perfect accelerator for our business in its Startup Program."

Andrew Mantilas, Mudano

OpenShift Startup Program FAQ

  • What countries are eligible for the Startup Program?

    Currently the Startup Program is limited to startups in the United States, Canada, Europe (EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), Israel, and Russia.

  • How will I know if I've been accepted?

    You will be notified within 2 weeks if you have been accepted into the Startup Program at which point you will be asked to confirm enrollment. Only accepted applicants will be notified, although we may contact you if we need additional information.

  • How long can I stay enrolled in the program?

    The account credits are initially applied for 6 months, but extensions, discounts, and custom options can be negotiated based on your participation and need.

  • How long does it take to review my application?

    Due to high demand, please allow up to 2 weeks for us to review your application. Only startups that have been accepted into the program will be notified.

  • What benefits come with the Silver Plan?

    The Red Hat OpenShift Online Silver Plan includes additional free storage for all gear sizes (up to 6GB), Red Hat professional support, access to larger gear sizes and additional storage, and prevents your applications from automatically idling.

  • What type of support can I get?

    In addition to the customer support that comes with the Silver Plan, you will have a dedicated contact for any additional questions you have. Please see the support scope and SLA for more details.