Architectural Considerations for
Open-Source PaaS and Container Platforms

This Wikbon report explores open source orchestration technologies like Cloud Foundry, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos and reviews the architectural considerations when comparing Pivotal Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, Docker Datacenter and Mesosphere DC/OS which are the commercial offerings based on these technologies.

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Comparing PaaS and Container Platforms

The market for open source PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and Container platforms is rapidly evolving, both in terms of technologies and the breadth of offerings being brought to market to accelerate application development. As the pace of change accelerates for many open source technologies, IT organizations and developers are evaluating the architectural trade-offs that will impact new cloud-native applications as well as integrations with existing applications and data.Download the Report »

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“Although we are still in the early stages of deployment, we have seen already that the flexibility of the OpenShift platform and the support we have received from Red Hat has allowed us to begin to take our application to the next level and expand it to a wider customer base.”

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