Add PostGIS 2.0 (the spatial blade) to Postgresql

This feature has been implemented

There is an extremely powerful and awesome spatial blade for PostgreSQL called PostGIS. It allows you to carry out high end spatial analytics in your postgresql database.

It is the same as Oracle Spatial or SQLServer spatial. By enabling this functionality we would create much broader appeal for our Postgresql and Enterprise community.

With this extension and the GeoServer war file I could bring up an entire geospatial mapping platform on OpenShift. I could make everything from Google maps to a enterprise work ticketing system. Thanks Steve

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Just for clarity
Here is geoserver

Which can be installed as a WAR file.

I wasn't able to install geoserver as a war file. I get:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.imageio.plugins.common.BogusColorSpace from [Module "deployment.geoserver.war:main" from Service Module Loader]
in the log, but I also get that error just installing to JBoss7 locally. Did you have to do anything to the war to get it to install?

Did you ever get this working?

You need to add a JBoss config.xml. Do a google search for openshift geoserver and you can find a blog post by some people getting it up and going. Thanks Steve

It's there! Quote:

PostgreSQL on openshift does have geo spatial extensions available -- that said you do have to source those in and you can use them with your app --
here's a sample via a ssh session where the app (and the embedded postgres in the app is running). For the purpose of this example, am using psql but
you can run the same via a programmatic (app language) interface as well.

> psql postgres -c "create database geolocs;"
> psql geolocs -c "create language plpgsql;"
> # redirecting output for brevity.
> psql -d geolocs -f /usr/share/pgsql/contrib/postgis-64.sql 2>&1 > /tmp/pg.log ; echo $?
> psql -d geolocs -f /usr/share/pgsql/contrib/spatial_ref_sys.sql 2>&1 >> /tmp/pg.log ; echo $?
> psql -d geolocs -c " SELECT 'SRID=4;POINT(0 0)'::geometry;"
(1 row)

Since we already have version PostGIS 1.5, I'm changing the title to PostGIS 2.0. Please note that we need open source help here updating PostGIS from 1.5 to 2.0 in Fedora.

OpenShift Online runs on RHEL 6.4. It's something our Operations team will need to apply once it's available on RHEL.

PostGIS 2.1 and pgrouting 2.0 are available., marking as completed.