Python 2.7 & 3.2 - NOW AVAILABLE!

This feature has been implemented

Would love to see support for Python 2.7 and 3.2. or vote

Currently available as a DIY:

We are working on a python 2.7 cartridge. [UPDATE March 4, 2013: Done! Scroll to the bottom!]

I'd like to contribute to the making of python 2.7 cartridge. Should there be a separate git repo for python 2.7 cartridge? It would make things easier.


Thanks much for your willingness to help. Best would be to initiate an email to our mailing list where devs lives and breathe.

Register @ and send an email there.

Thnx again!

rhc app create newpythonapp python-2.7
rhc app create evennewerpythonapp python-3.3

Details here: