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Technology for a new generation of transactional applications.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an open source-based technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability, and transparency while potentially streamlining business processes. At its core, blockchain is transactional database technology. By enabling all stakeholders to maintain an identical copy of the database, blockchain can help businesses create more cost-efficient and secure processes where any type of transaction or exchange of value can take place. Applied correctly, this technology has the potential to address challenges across a broad range of industries and to revolutionize how business, social, and governmental software systems are built.

This potential has drawn the significant attention and investments focused on the financial services industry, but there are a wide range of potential use cases in other industries. Any industry with systems and applications supporting fragmented processes are candidates for a blockchain-based application or service. Some of the potential use cases that are getting attention by traditional financial services firms and Fintech startups include:

Industry Use Case
Capital Markets Securities Settlement
Insurance Policy/Document Management
Public Sector Public Records
Multiple Industries Supply Chain Management
Healthcare Patient Records

Why Red Hat?

Most blockchain applications are being built as cloud-based solutions or services. As the worldwide leader in open source products for the enterprise and cloud-based solutions, Red Hat is uniquely positioned to help traditional institutions and startups build out these applications.

Red Hat partner ConsenSys has deployed its developer sandbox for testing Ethereum (smart contracts) applications on OpenShift. With this Tweb application software development kit which supports all the core features of the Ethereum Solidity smart contract language, developers can have blockchain applications up and running in minutes.

Interested in the OpenShift Blockchain Initiative?

Red Hat OpenShift is an application platform that enables blockchain application and service developement from ISVs, Startups, Financial Services Firms, and individual developers. If you are interested in integrating a product or service with Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, or Red Hat OpenShift Online, please apply.

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Blockchain Initiative Features and Benefits

The OpenShift Blockchain Initiative is free to join and gives you access to a package of benefits including:

Access to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Free resources in a Red Hat-managed Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated cluster to develop and launch your applications.

Professional Support

Enjoy the same benefits as OpenShift customers, with access to award-winning premium Red Hat support.

Experienced Operations Team

Communicate with an experienced team for application and operational support, product feedback, and more.

Marketing Opportunities

Get featured in the OpenShift Application Gallery, the OpenShift Blog, social media, or on our customer pages to help promote your products.

The Power of OpenShift

OpenShift takes care of operations so you can focus on your product. Write in the languages and frameworks you choose, and leverage the security, scaling, and support from Red Hat, the world's most trusted name in open source technology.

Extended Community

Receive prioritized access to pre-release services, invitations to speak at local events, access to OpenShift Commons, and the ability to tell your story to a wider audience.