Extend OpenShift

Bring your favorite technologies to OpenShift as a QuickStart or make your code reusable in a Cartridge. Or get the source and extend the platform.

Adding QuickStarts

A QuickStart is just a Git source repository paired with one or more cartridges that makes it easy for someone to start from your foundation. You won't get automatic updates, but they're a great way to help someone understand a framework or try out an integration.

To get started, read the QuickStart Developer's Guide, which outlines the process for creating a new QuickStart as well as keeping it up-to-date and secure.

Add your own QuickStart now

Build a Cartridge

It's easy to add your own frameworks and backends to OpenShift. Through our open Cartridge API you can add your own binaries and logic to OpenShift - anything that can run in Linux can run in your app.

To start, follow this guided tour of building cartridges, using a simple Apache web server as an example.

Then read the Cartridge Developer's Guide, which breaks down the Cartridge API and is the primary reference for building a cartridge.

To make it easy to try your cartridge, learn how to make your new cartridge downloadable so you can install it to OpenShift Online.

Examples of custom cartridges from around the web

Get Involved Upstream

The OpenShift platform is a pluggable Rails application that allows direct extension. If you're looking to integrate OpenShift with your own backend systems for authentication, add new security layers, expose custom platform logic, or go a step beyond a cartridge, you'll want to check out the Origin source and community.