Java Application Hosting

Java is a general-purpose, concurrent, class-based, object-oriented computer programming language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.


With OpenShift you can easily deploy and run Java applications using your favorite application servers and frameworks. Want a JBoss server running Spring backed by MySQL? Or maybe you're looking for GlassFish with Scala and MongoDB? If it can run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64bit, then it can run on OpenShift.

Simplify the Lifecycle

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Getting a Java app with a MySQL backend deployed onto OpenShift is as easy as executing two commands:

$ rhc app create MyApp jbossas-7
$ rhc cartridge add mysql-5.5 -a MyApp

These two commands create your "server" and install and configure JBoss, MySQL, a git repository on the server, and a simple web application. You can now visit your application on the web at:

End-to-End Java Support

Looking to scale your Java application for heavy traffic, or want to automatically build/test/deploy? We've got you covered there too!

Rapid Development with an IDE

Don't like the command line? No problem! Use the JBoss Tools with Eclipse to create and work with your applications.


How you develop your Java application is up to you. Use your favorite IDE and track and push your changes with Git.

For a seamless development experience on OpenShift, use the JBoss Tools to deploy your changes to the cloud, tail application log files, and connect to remote databases.

Install the JBoss Tools

Build → Test → Deploy

Want to make sure your Java application is stable before your changes go live?

Jenkins ( is a full featured continuous integration (CI) server that can run builds, tests, and other scheduled tasks and integrate with your OpenShift applications.

Build with Jenkins

Scale to Meet Your Needs

Enable your application to react to changes in traffic and automatically allocate the necessary resources to handle your current demand.

The OpenShift infrastructure monitors incoming web traffic and automatically brings copies of your web cartridge online to handle requests.

Scale your application


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