How do I troubleshoot application issues using the logs?

The best way to review your application logs for errors remotely is to run rhc tail <yourappName> from your client machine (where the rhc client tools are installed). That will give you a quick view of the the latest log entries.

To get to the entire log, you'll want to ssh onto the gear(s) on which the language framework/cartridge is installed using rhc ssh <yourappname> and take a look in your $OPENSHIFT_LOG_DIR. So for example here's how I would ssh into my gear and check my logs.

  1. SSH into my gear rhc ssh <myappname>
  2. Change directory into my logs directory cd $OPENSHIFT_LOG_DIR
  3. List the contents ls
  4. View the contents vim exampleapp.log

As for Jenkins, build-time logs are returned to the console on git push, so look for build failures there as well as Jenkins build logs in the UI.