JBoss Middleware Services for OpenShift

JBoss services provide the powerful capabilities of JBoss Middleware as cloud based services on OpenShift. Developers can build applications, integrate with other systems, orchestrate using rules and processes, and then deploy across hybrid environments.

Application Container Services

Complex enterprise applications need to run on one of the four "footprints" - physical, virtual, private, or public - leveraging core services like persistence and transactions from the container.

Enterprise Application Platform

Lightweight and enterprise-class, JBoss EAP for xPaaS is the only mainstream Java EE 6 application platform available in private and public clouds. Offering organizations the best of both Dev and Ops, JBoss EAP for xPaaS provides the ability to quickly build enterprise grade Java applications in a streamlined PaaS environment.

Integration Services

Modern applications are designed to connect with other applications and data to enhance their functionality without having duplication. Better to connect and consume than to replicate; Integration Services allow developers to connect to applications and data, send and receive messages - all with the reliability and precision of enterprise grade technology.


JBoss Fuse for xPaaS is an enterprise service bus technology for building and implementing communication between different applications, services, and data. It is specifically designed for extensive connectivity. It includes JBoss A-MQ for xPaaS, a messaging service to connect applications and devices using notifications and messages.

Data Virtualization

JBoss Data Virtualization is a technology which allows applications to use data from multiple heterogeneous data sources. It comprises tools and runtime services for creating and executing bi-directional data services.

Business Process Services

Business Process Management and Business Rules Management technologies empower you to model, automate, and orchestrate business processes across applications, services and data, to strengthen business agility, execution and results.

Business Process Management

JBoss BPM Suite provides business users and developers with powerful and intuitive tools to capture business processes, policies and rules and configure advanced business reporting, to obtain process-based applications that can be modified with agility in response to the business needs.

Business Rules Management System

JBoss BRMS 6 provides business users and developers with powerful and intuitive tools to capture business rules and automate business decisions across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud environments. The result is improved business agility, consistent and efficient decision execution, and shorter application development cycles.

Mobile Services

With mobile devices becoming a primary client in the enterprise, incorporating key mobile features and capabilities are a vital part of any application development project. Mobile services simplify and streamline supporting the many mobile client types while extending your application to these devices.

Unified Push

The JBoss Unified Push server allows developers to send native push messages to Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google's Cloud Messaging (GCM). It features a built-in administration console that makes it easy for developers to create and manage the push related aspects of their applications for any mobile development environment. Includes client SDKs (iOS, Android, & Cordova), and a REST based sender service with an available Java sender library.