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Production application hosting with OpenShift Online 3 is here! Experiment with the migration process using a free Starter account, and deploy to Pro for next generation hosting on the industry’s most secure and comprehensive enterprise-grade container platform!

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Migration Guides

Step-by-step guides for migrating your applications and mastering the basics of OpenShift Online 3.


Use the power of source-to-image (S2I) in OpenShift Online 3 to migrate your OpenShift 2 apps with ease.


Learn how to backup your database contents, deploy a new database in OpenShift Online 3, and restore your data.


QuickStarts are back and better than ever in OpenShift Online 3. We cover the workflow to make the switch.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware Services

Using JBoss Middleware Services in OpenShift Online 2? We've got you covered.

Other Resources

If you're making the transition from OpenShift 2 to OpenShift 3, these are some great resources to get started:

Red Hat OpenShift Online Cloud Application Hosting Platform

OpenShift Online 3 Plans and Pricing

OpenShift Online has been completely rewritten from the ground up, and so has our pricing.

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