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Red Hat® OpenShift is the industry’s most secure and comprehensive enterprise-grade container platform based on industry standards, Docker and Kubernetes.

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Build, Develop, Deploy, and Manage Your Containers

OpenShift is designed to provide one thing for developers: ease of use without worries. OpenShift's mission is to make your job easier by taking care of all the messy IT aspects of app development and allowing you to focus on your job: coding your app and satisfying your users.


Developers can easily and quickly develop applications using either the web console, command-line interface (CLI), or integrated development environment (IDE).


The developer can push code to be built and run on OpenShift through their software version control solution or OpenShift can be integrated with a developer's own automated build and continuous integration/continuous deployment system.


OpenShift then orchestrates where application containers will run and manages the the application to ensure it's available for end users.


With your app running in the cloud you can monitor, debug, and tune on the fly. Experience a surge in web traffic? Scale your application automatically or allocate capacity ahead of time.

Red Hat OpenShift Online Cloud Application Hosting Platform

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OpenShift 3 provides a wide range of languages and services, deployed in applications through container images. Container images can be web frameworks, databases, monitoring services, or connectors to external backends.

Application Images

Write your applications in Java, Node.js, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP and more.

Database Images

Private database instances with full control.

Quickstart Application Templates

Pre-created code repositories that allow you to instantly deploy your favorite application frameworks in one-click.

Community Container Images

OpenShift 3 allows you to take advantage of a large community of Docker formatted Linux containers. From the Red Hat Container Catalog to community registries such as Docker Hub or on-premise corporate implementations, OpenShift's ability to work directly with the Docker API helps it unlock a new world of content for your developers.

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Red Hat® is the world's leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies.

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