What is Red Hat OpenShift Primed?

Red Hat® OpenShift® Primed is a technical readiness designation that acknowledges the first steps of an ISV's technology working with OpenShift by providing the ISV a designated logo and awareness through OpenShift online properties, including Hub and Commons. To earn this designation, ISVs must demonstrate an initial commitment to our technology.

Using any variant of OpenShift, including upstream, ISVs submit to Red Hat the technical evidence of how their solutions work with OpenShift. This can include source code, how-to guides, and even video demonstrations to be reviewed by Red Hat for OpenShift Primed approval. Once approved, ISVs gain access to an OpenShift Primed logo and the ability to post a marketing profile on Hub along with potential inclusion in other awareness activities.

For ISVs that desire a deeper relationship with OpenShift and Red Hat, OpenShift Primed is just a first step of the journey to Red Hat corporate level certification and business programs where ISVs can gain access to support and greater go-to-market benefits.

Features and Benefits

Red Hat OpenShift Primed is a great way to easily leverage your work with OpenShift and promote your solution to customers and prospects.

Red Hat Association

As a Red Hat OpenShift Primed ISV, customers gain confidence in the active development of your solution with cutting edge Red Hat technology.

Low barrier to entry

Simply "show it works" on any variant of Red Hat OpenShift via video, screenshot or instructions to replicate.

Logo rights

When approved, you will gain access to a Red Hat OpenShift Primed logo to display on your web properties showing you are an ISV with Primed technology.

awareness for your tech

ISVs will be showcased on the Red Hat OpenShift website via Hub, Commons and even guest blogs, as well as periodic marquee placement on this page.

Established Enterprise Container Technology

Leverage the latest in enterprise container technology and open source standards.

Ready for certification

With Red Hat OpenShift Primed, you have proven your container technology, take it further by getting Red Hat Container Certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have more than one OpenShift Primed technology with any given ISV?

Yes. OpenShift Primed applies to individual applications, solutions, and technologies that work with OpenShift. Therefore, an ISV who has multiple technologies working with OpenShift can submit each one for OpenShift Primed approval.

How can I demonstrate that I'm qualified?

ISVs can submit evidence utilizing a variety of options including:

  • Sample Source Code – via Github
  • How-To Guides
  • Video Demonstrations

Is there a fee to become Red Hat OpenShift Primed?

No, there is no fee to be OpenShift Primed.

How does OpenShift Primed differ from Red Hat Container Certification?

Certification has business benefits beyond OpenShift Primed in return for the additional ISV resource investment. These benefits include collaborative support via TSANet, solution availability in an official Red Hat hosted container registry, certification again multiple Red Hat OpenShift versions and more. Check out the Red Hat Container Zone for more details.

What if I am Red Hat OpenShift Primed for multiple variants or versions of OpenShift?

One of the goals of OpenShift Primed is to showcase active innovation and development from ISVs with OpenShift. As such, your profile page on Hub will only indicate the most recently approved variant of Red Hat OpenShift submitted.

How can I get technical assistance while getting Red Hat OpenShift Primed?

ISVs will utilize the support that corresponds to the variant of Red Hat OpenShift for which they are submitting. For example, if getting primed for OpenShift Origin, community support is utilized. If getting primed for a commercial version of Red Hat OpenShift, those corresponding support channels should be used.

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