“Couchbase customers have seen containerization as a way to get more from the infrastructure stack that runs their web, mobile and IoT applications. We are excited to be recognized as an OpenShift Primed technology at launch. This enables our joint customers’ to capitalize fully on the benefits of running Couchbase Server on the OpenShift platform, making it simple to develop and deploy stateful applications on top of Docker and Kubernetes.”

- Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President, Products and Engineering, Couchbase

“Crunchy Data is excited to become OpenShift Primed. With our latest work together, we have created the Crunchy Container Suite for OpenShift. Using Docker-format containers and Kubernetes services, the Crunchy Container Suite provides the foundation for a database as a service running within OpenShift. This enables developers to easily use one of the world’s most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL, as the data tier for their cloud native applications. Red Hat® has been a great technical and business partner in this effort and we look forward to working closely with them to drive this technology forward.”

- Paul Laurence, Chief Operating Officer, Crunchy Data

“We are excited to be working with Red Hat and becoming OpenShift Primed. With our joint collaboration, we have introduced several usability enhancements. As an example, GitLab will now be available as a one-click install with an OpenShift cloud cluster. GitLab and Red Hat working together means that developers and IT organizations can more easily run their GitLab instances on their own open source platform.”

- Sytse Sijbrandij, CEO, GitLab

“NGINX has a strong, collaborative relationship with Red Hat on OpenShift, and we are excited to have our technology recognized as OpenShift Primed. Many of today’s leading organizations adopt NGINX Plus for high performance load balancing and traffic routing for their mission critical applications, both on-premise and in the cloud, enabling them to handle a larger volume of users while providing a faster and more consistent user experience. Becoming OpenShift Primed, NGINX can provide a more streamlined future for enterprise application development and delivery as organizations continue the move to containers and microservices to achieve even greater flexibility and scale.”

- Gus Robertson, CEO, NGINX

“When customers deploy production workloads on Red Hat OpenShift, they need a scalable and more secure networking infrastructure. With Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, our joint customers are able to use policy-based security features and networking for heterogeneous application environments that include OpenShift, VMs, and physical servers. By becoming OpenShift Primed, Nuage Networks is positioned to help enterprise customers accelerate their journey to the next-generation of cloud applications.”

- Sunil Khandekar, CEO, Nuage Networks

“Customers using Red Hat OpenShift can more easily deploy the 3scale API Gateway in just a few clicks to make use of the many benefits of Red Hat’s enterprise-class container platform. This integration was a logical next step in our collaboration with Red Hat to offer a full-stack API solution. Becoming OpenShift Primed enables us to showcase our technology working with OpenShift and we are excited to be part of the OpenShift ecosystem.”

- Steven Willmott, CEO, 3scale

“To be competitive today, enterprise development teams are looking to development and deployment platforms that support containers, microservice architectures, and cloud environments. The combination of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform and Red Hat OpenShift gives developers a unique set of continuous delivery and cloud deployment tools to implement transformative DevOps approaches and accelerate application delivery. We are thrilled to be part of Red Hat’s inaugural group of OpenShift Primed technologies.”

- Durga Sammeta, Senior Director of Alliances, CloudBees

“Purpose-built for containers, Sysdig is excited about being OpenShift Primed and able to provide complete visibility into applications running inside containers. Sysdig leverages OpenShift metadata and tags to provide out-of-the-box views on how services are performing with the ability to drill down to individual system calls.”

- Chris Crane, VP of Products, Sysdig

“Container technology is quickly becoming the norm for modern enterprise applications that run in a distributed scale-out architecture. The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps to streamline the application lifecycle for containers. Diamanti has built one of the first turnkey networking and storage appliances that brings rapid time-to-market and guaranteed performance to Linux containers. As enterprises begin to look at how to best operate modern, containerized applications in production, Diamanti offers tremendous value over infrastructure built for legacy applications. Diamanti is plug-and-play with existing networks and works seamlessly with Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. We are excited to be working with Red Hat, together meeting the needs of users as they transform their businesses with modern, containerized applications.”

- Mark Balch, Vice President Products, Diamanti

“The key to successful DevOps deployments lies in enabling the critical business outcomes through the automation and feedback loop. The CloudMunch integration with OpenShift empowers modern enterprises to innovate rapidly and maximize their DevOps ROI. Becoming OpenShift Primed is a great vehicle for showcasing our joint technologies working together and demonstrating them to enterprise customers.”

- Krishnan Subramanian, SVP of Products & Strategy, CloudMunch

“Pachyderm and OpenShift lets data-driven organizations unify their application and data infrastructure on one platform. We are excited to become OpenShift Primed and showcase our technology with enterprise deployments.”

- Joey Zwicker, Founder, Pachyderm

“Red Hat OpenShift and Dynatrace both seek to accelerate digital businesses in the customer centric era. Becoming OpenShift Primed enables us to demonstrate the Dynatrace Digital Performance Monitoring solution which provides full insights for one of the leading cloud development platforms. With Red Hat and Dynatrace, organizations can reduce their time to market and go from idea to production faster and with greater confidence.”

- Franz Karlsberger, Technical Director of Alliances, Dynatrace

“6fusion is proud to work with RedHat to utility enable OpenShift, providing the underlying utility consumption data necessary to enable better decision making for today’s application developers and DevOps teams. We are excited to be a part of Red Hat’s launch of OpenShift Primed technologies.”

- John Cowan, CEO, 6fusion

“As OpenShift becomes the foundation for many enterprise organizations building containerized applications, the ability to extend the core platform with a wide array of complementary solutions enables developers and operators to create the right environment for their needs. Becoming OpenShift Primed allows us to provide an easy way for customers to leverage the container solutions provided by Iron.io for powering event-driven, serverless workloads within their cloud native applications.”

- Chad Arimura, CEO, Iron.io