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Red Hat is a trusted partner with a complete solution to help you move forward. While other vendors are trying to stabilize their offerings, Red Hat OpenShift is continuing to innovate with new functionality.

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Why choose OpenShift? Because it keeps getting better

Did you know that OpenShift is a leading Kubernetes platform that has been helping organizations build new products, increase customer satisfaction, and create new business models? Have you seen how Operators will make installing and updating OpenShift and other services easy? With OpenShift, we continue to make managing container-based applications in production systems easier. OpenShift delivers a cloud-like experience as a self-managing platform with automatic software updates and lifecycle management across hybrid cloud environments. OpenShift helps cluster administrators by easing the management of the platform and applications.

Added tooling helps make automating and innovating easier through a developer-centric user experience. OpenShift offers a tailored developer experience, including both a feature-rich web console user interface (UI) and a command-line tool, that make deploying code easier than ever.

Red Hat is a leading developer and contributor to the Kubernetes project and uses a 100% open source development model to deliver enterprise-grade software. OpenShift integrates Kubernetes, Istio, Knative and many other open-source projects, undergoing extensive testing to verify that components are properly integrated and that we’re prepared to support the needs of you, our customer. We then provide end-to-end support for OpenShift for many years to come.

OpenShift helps organizations implement a Kubernetes infrastructure that is designed for rapid application development and deployment. By delivering more of the open-source projects you need along with Kubernetes, the OpenShift platform enables IT operations and developers to collaborate effectively and deploy containerized applications. Run it yourself on-site or as a hosted cloud service, OpenShift gives you the flexibility to drive innovation your way - today.

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OpenShift customers say it best


We looked at alternatives, but we felt that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform was simply better than its competitors, especially in developer experience.

Dr. Nikolas Nehmer
Head of Helvetia Container Platform, The Helvetia Group

OpenShift has reduced the friction between teams and cut waiting times for resources. It’s helped us transform the way we deliver software.

Joaquin Fernandez Llamas
Head of Platform Centre of Excellence, Ascend Money

Red Hat is closely involved in Kubernetes development, rather than just using it in their products.

Tatsuya Kurebayashi
Member Of Development Department, Group Ict Development, System Solutions Division, Tokai Communications Corporation

Switching to OpenShift is easy

OpenShift is built from familiar upstream Kubernetes projects, so switching to OpenShift is simple. Everything you need to deploy and manage containers is bundled with OpenShift including an enterprise-grade Linux operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL CoreOS) to serve as the container host(s), and other key functions like container management, automation (Operators), networking, load balancing, firewall, monitoring, registry, authentication and authorization capabilities. These components are tested together for unified operations as a complete platform deployed on any cloud. Your Kubernetes experience is further enhanced with automated cluster operations, including simple installation and over-the-air platform upgrades.

Development teams can quickly switch to OpenShift with minimal disruption to the way they code, supporting teams with their choice of supported languages, frameworks, and databases.  Simplify agile development with embedded continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), container catalog and image streams, or integrate your existing pipeline. Take advantage of the developer-centric user experience provided with OpenShift to support your rapid application development and deployment objectives today.

Choose between self-hosted OpenShift Container Platform, the managed offering of OpenShift Dedicated or Azure Red Hat OpenShift, or a mixture of these that suits your organization’s needs to manage all your Kubernetes clusters with one solution.

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