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Your applications need to run on the infrastructure platforms you’ve chosen for your organization. That includes the cloud platforms and the on-premises infrastructure you have in place today. As your hybrid cloud choices evolve, you need to minimize the impact on how your applications are deployed.

Red Hat OpenShift allows you to develop your applications once and deploy them everywhere. OpenShift was built to install on cloud and local infrastructure targets and allows you to use the same tooling and processes to manage and deploy containerized applications on all your infrastructures. By standardizing your container platform on OpenShift, you simplify operations and allow yourself the flexibility you need for your hybrid cloud.

No matter where you want to run your applications, now or in the future, OpenShift makes containers simple.

You manage the infrastructure

Whether deploying Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on-premises or in the cloud, you maintain control of OpenShift and your infrastructure. This is open hybrid cloud on your terms.

*Login to the OpenShift portal to read installation documentation for each infrastructure supported. (A free Red Hat login is required.)

Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Red Hat OpenShift on Google Cloud Platform

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud™

Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure

Containers, your way. In an open, private cloud powered by Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

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Infrastructure hosted and managed by Red Hat

Red Hat also offers fully managed OpenShift services hosted on public cloud platforms. Take advantage of the choice of open hybrid cloud, and let us manage the infrastructure for you.

  • OpenShift Dedicated: Red Hat will take the responsibility for managing OpenShift hosted on AWS infrastructure.

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  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Jointly managed by Microsoft and Red Hat, this OpenShift offering on Azure includes integrations to Azure services.

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