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Migration from OpenShift 3 to 4

OpenShift 4 includes new technologies and functionality that results in a cluster that is self-managing, flexible, and automated.

Cluster Application Migration (CAM) and Control Plane Migration tools

The Cluster Application Migration (CAM) and Control Plane Migration tools provide a simplified and faster migration of application workloads from OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3.7+ to the latest version of OpenShift 4 (OCP4).


Control Plane Migration Assistance tool

The Control Plane Migration Assistance tool helps you configure the new cluster OCP4 cluster that will be the destination for the applications that are being migrated from your existing OCP 3 cluster. This tool reduces the possibility for human error in the configuration process, matching when possible the existing settings in the source cluster. It also allows you to review the resources that will be applied to the new cluster. 


Cluster Application Migration tool (CAM)

The Cluster Application Migration tool (CAM) migrates stateful and stateless applications from the source cluster on OCP 3 to a destination cluster running the latest OpenShift. It also can migrate applications between OCP 4 clusters. It is installed on your destination cluster via an Operator. Through the rich user interface take advantage of the simplified, customizable workflows. Decide which applications to start with and which migration approach best fits each application and your needs. 

To learn more about the migration process and get started, check out the resources section below.