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OpenShift Pipelines

Cloud-native CI/CD on OpenShift
Automate build, test, and deployment of applications across on-premises and public cloud platforms

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What is a pipeline?

A pipeline in software development is an automated process that drives software through a path of building, testing, and deploying code. By automating the process, the objective is to minimize human error and maintain a consistent process for how software is deployed. Tools that are included in the pipeline could include compiling code, unit tests, code analysis, security, and installer creation. For containerized environments, this pipeline would also include packaging the code into a container to be deployed across the hybrid cloud. A pipeline is critical in supporting continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes.

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What is Tekton?

Tekton is an open source project that provides a framework to create cloud-native CI/CD pipelines quickly. As a Kubernetes-native framework, Tekton makes it easier to deploy across multiple cloud providers or hybrid environments. By leveraging the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) in Kubernetes, Tekton uses the Kubernetes control plane to run pipeline tasks. By using standard industry specifications, Tekton will work well with existing CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Skaffold, and Knative.

Tekton is one of the initial projects in Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) with 25+ members which serves as a governing body for fast-growing CI/CD projects to encourage and sustain vendor-neutral collaboration and participation. Red Hat is an active member of CDF and is committed to the values pursued by the foundation.

What is OpenShift Pipelines?

OpenShift Pipelines is a Kubernetes-style CI/CD solution based on Tekton. It builds on the Tekton building blocks and provides a CI/CD experience through tight integration with OpenShift and Red Hat developer tools. OpenShift Pipelines is designed to run each step of the CI/CD pipeline in its own container, allowing each step to scale independently to meet the demands of the pipeline.

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OpenShift Pipelines features

Kubernetes-style Pipelines

Use standard Tekton CRDs to define pipelines that run as containers and scale on-demand.

Runs serverless

Full control over team’s delivery pipelines, plugins and access control with no central CI/CD server to manage.

Integrated CI/CD experience

A streamlined user experience through the OpenShift Console developer perspective, CLIs, and IDEs.

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