What is OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift® is a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers with Kubernetes.

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Build, deploy, and scale

Automate the build, deployment, and management of applications so that you can focus on writing the code for your next big idea.

OpenShift Marketecture

OpenShift Marketecture

Code. Push. Shift.

Build with speed, deploy at scale

No two developers work in exactly the same way. With Red Hat OpenShift, developers can easily deploy applications using a library of supported technologies, so teams can choose the languages, frameworks, and databases they use to build and deploy their services. Our source-to-image (S2I) feature automatically builds new container images, making it easier to ship code faster. Organizations also have the ability to bring their own container images without using S2I.

Developers can decide on private or public cloud services through the OpenShift service catalog and brokers. Application teams get access to environments on demand, with consistency from development through production. With our built-in continuous integration pipelines and standardized workflows, OpenShift gives application teams a faster path to production using the technologies they choose.

Self-service, on-demand application stacks

Use your choice of languages and tools. OpenShift includes pre-created, container images that allow you to build and deploy your favorite frameworks, databases, and more with one click.

Code and push

With OpenShift, simply perform a “git push” to deploy your application. Our Source-to-Image (S2I) tool builds ready to run, reproducible container images, so you can focus on developing.

Streamline the delivery process

OpenShift includes everything you need to manage your development lifecycle: standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, release management, and more.

Secure. Stable. Scalable.

Consistency and stability, everywhere you operate

Kubernetes has emerged as the leading open source container orchestrator and management project. Installing and running Kubernetes on its own can be challenging with a steep learning curve. Integrating, testing, and maintaining Kubernetes with networking, storage, monitoring and security tools adds an additional challenge for operations teams.

OpenShift helps operations teams meet these challenges head-on, offering out of the box solutions, as well as validated third-party plugins and extensions. Red Hat has years of expertise with running Kubernetes and partnering with customers to run containers in production, all so our users can focus squarely on empowering teams to deliver better applications, faster.

Continuous Security

Control, defend, and extend the application platform throughout the application’s lifecycle. OpenShift enables a secure software supply chain to make applications more secure, without reducing developer productivity.

Unified Operations

Avoid manual, brittle provisioning and deployment requirements. OpenShift integrates with your existing investments to provide a consistent operations and management experience across any infrastructure and multiple teams.

Proactive, not reactive

On average, IT teams on OpenShift use 35% less time per application1. The platform gives application teams self-service to environments, as well as private services or those from public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services.

1Source: IDC, "The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift" October 2017

Multiple deployment models to meet your needs

OpenShift lets you easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or private. Whether it’s on-premise, in a public cloud, or hosted, you have an award-winning platform to get your next big idea to market ahead of your competition.

Multicloud illustration
Red Hat OpenShift Online

Quickly build, deploy, and scale in the public cloud

  • On-demand access to OpenShift to manage containerized applications
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
  • Deploy up to 8 services for free
Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Professionally managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes

  • Private, high-availability OpenShift clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Secure Kubernetes platform on your own infrastructure

  • Build, deploy and manage your container-based applications consistently across cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Hosted and managed by Red Hat

Success Story

Intermountain Healthcare

The greatest benefit that OpenShift has provided Intermountain is an avenue away from our legacy systems. It’s open the door to allow us to move away to a more efficient and streamlined technologies.

Gabriel Floyd, Enterprise Middleware Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

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