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Red Hat® OpenShift® helps teams deliver faster with containers and Kubernetes

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Red Hat OpenShift Online

Quickly build, deploy, and scale in the public cloud

  • On-demand access to OpenShift to manage containerized applications
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
  • Deploy up to 8 services for free
Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Professionally managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes

  • Single-tenant, high-availability OpenShift clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Secure Kubernetes platform on your own infrastructure

  • Build, deploy and manage your container-based applications consistently across cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Hosted and managed by Red Hat

Features and benefits

Open, cloud-native standards

Red Hat OpenShift is powered by proven open source technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OCI-standard containers, and Kubernetes for orchestration and management.

Pluggable architecture

OpenShift provides a fully-integrated container stack, without locking users into defaults or proprietary solutions. Choose your own registry, networking, storage, or CI/CD solutions, or get going immediately with default OpenShift options.


OpenShift extends to give users their choice of frameworks, databases, and runtimes. Or offer users self-service to public cloud services (including those from AWS and Microsoft Azure) through the OpenShift Service Catalog.

Built-in automation

OpenShift automates source code management, container and application builds, deployments, and scaling, health management and more.

Award-winning, 24x7 support

OpenShift Online, Dedicated, and Container Platform all come with professional support from Red Hat, the world’s open source software leader.

Certified Kubernetes

OpenShift is part of the CNCF Certified Kubernetes program, ensuring portability and interoperability of your container workloads.

OpenShift Origin consoles

Build, deploy, and scale on any infrastructure

Automate the build, deployment, and management of applications so that you can focus on writing the code for your business, startup, or next big idea.

OpenShift Marketecture

OpenShift Marketecture

What's New

Deep dive into our latest features

GPUs with Device Plugin in OpenShift

Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) have become key to the process of learning from data. Combining OpenShift’s developer-centric workflow with GPU access helps businesses bring data-centric features to their applications faster.

Service Catalog and service brokers

Enable easy service consumption and publication in OpenShift. Deliver private services to your organization’s users, or use service brokers from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to offer their services on demand.

Red Hat to acquire CoreOS

With CoreOS, Red Hat doubles down on technology to help customers build, run and manage containerized applications in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Red Hat Quay

A distributed, highly-available container registry for your enterprise

Deploy up to 8 services for free

Quickly build, launch, and scale container-based applications

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