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Red Hat® OpenShift® lets you manage hybrid cloud and multicloud container deployments.

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Red Hat OpenShit Container Platform

A Kubernetes platform on your own infrastructure designed with security in mind

  • Build, deploy and manage your container-based applications consistently across cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • Full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid and multicloud deployments
Red Hat OpenShit Dedicated

Professionally managed, enterprise-grade Kubernetes

  • Private, high-availability OpenShift clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by Red Hat
Red Hat + Microsoft Azure

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes jointly managed by Microsoft and Red Hat

  • Highly available Red Hat OpenShift clusters hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Delivered as a hosted service jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Red Hat and Microsoft
Red Hat + IBM

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes managed by IBM

  • A flexible, fully-managed service of OpenShift on IBM’s public cloud
  • Delivered as a hosted service and supported by IBM
Red Hat OpenShift Online

Get started developing and deploying in the public cloud

Features and benefits


Build and deploy serverless applications using an event-driven infrastructure on Red Hat OpenShift.


Automate the creation, configuration, and management of instances of Kubernetes-native applications.


Greater security and operational efficiency for Kubernetes workloads through automation.

OpenShift Origin consoles