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An on-premise, private Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution offering that allows you to deliver apps faster and meet your enterprise's growing application demands. With Red Hat's award-winning private Platform as a Service, OpenShift Enterprise, you can improve developer productivity, increase operational efficiency, and expand your hardware utilization.

How OpenShift Works

Architecture, containers, and security.

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How Does OpenShift Rate?

See how OpenShift shines for developers and ops.

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Get Apps to Market Faster

Let your developers do what they do best – code. Offering a choice of programming languages and frameworks, databases and development tools allows your developers to get the job done, using the languages and tools they already know and trust. Including:

  • Web Console, Command-line, or IDE
  • Java(EE6), Ruby, PHP, Python, and Perl
  • Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud
  • Automatic application scaling when needed

Using the automation technologies and cloud architecture of OpenShift Enterprise to standardize and streamline developer workflows IT organizations to provision quickly, build efficiently and get apps to market faster.

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Key Benefits

OpenShift Enterprise enables enterprise IT organizations with requirements around security, data privacy, compliance and/or governance to implement a private PaaS that keeps you in control while managing the needs of your business. Whether you are in application development, operations or are an Architect there are benefits for you.

App Development
  • Application portability
  • Standardized workflows
  • Extensible cartridge system for adding services
  • Collaboration functionality
  • Binary deployments
  • Choice in language, frameworks, and tools
  • HA Installation Automation New
  • CloudForms integration New
  • Enterprise-grade application integration New
  • Messaging capabilities New
  • Automatic application stack provisioning and application scaling
  • Choice of cloud infrastructure - preventing lock-in
  • SELinux-based secure containers for high-efficiency multi-tenancy
  • Advanced admin console
  • Easier install and configuration capabilities
  • Gear size choice within cartridges New
  • Regional deployment selection New
  • Accelerated application service delivery
  • Minimized vendor lock-in – built on open source technologies
  • OpenStack IaaS integration
  • Improved application portability
  • HA web routing
  • Graphical interface to deploy configurations New
  • Multi-server deployments New

View the Features and Benefits of PaaS and learn how OpenShift provides benefits to developers, operations teams and Architects.

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How does OpenShift rate?

View this InfoWorld review and see how OpenShift Enterprise shines for developers and ops.

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