Red Hat Fuse Online

Low-code platform for simple, cloud-native integration

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Red Hat Fuse Online

Red Hat® Fuse Online is a low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to help business users build faster integration solutions. It’s a completely cloud-hosted toolchain and runtime, delivering a straightforward, easy-to-use integration solution right from your browser.

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Accessible to everyone

Red Hat Fuse Online includes a straightforward UI, making it equally usable for non-technical users and traditional integrators.

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Connect new and legacy applications

Red Hat Fuse Online give teams the power to combine cloud, SaaS, on-premise, and traditional, legacy applications in one place.

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Deploy wherever you need integration

Red Hat Fuse Online can be deployed anywhere Red Hat OpenShift runs - as a managed service, in a public or private cloud.

Fuse Online plans and pricing

Small tier

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$650 / month


No. of integrations




8 GB





Persistent storage

5 GB


No. of storage volumes

Up to 100





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