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Looking for OpenShift Enterprise pricing?

Languages and Frameworks
Write your applications in Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and more
Just 'git push' and your application is up and running online
Automatically scale up or down as your application needs it
The world's leading provider of open source solutions
Free Bronze Silver
Base Price Free $0 / monthC$0 / month€0 / month $20 / monthC$20 / month€15 / month
Core features
Auto scaling
Easy deployment
No lock-in
System administration by Red Hat
Subdomains on
Custom domains
SSL Certificates
Shared certificate
Custom certificates
Small gears (1-3) Free Free Free
Small gears (4+) $0.02 / hourC$0.02 / hour€0,02 / hour $0.02 / hourC$0.02 / hour€0,02 / hour
Medium gears $0.05 / hourC$0.05 / hour€0,04 / hour $0.05 / hourC$0.05 / hour€0,04 / hour
Large gears $0.10 / hourC$0.10 / hour€0,08 / hour $0.10 / hourC$0.10 / hour€0,08 / hour
Gear maximum 3 16 16+
Gear idling 2 days None None
Base storage (per gear) 1GB 1GB 6GB
Additional storage $1.00 / GB / monthC$1.00 / GB / month€1,00 / GB / month $1.00 / GB / monthC$1.00 / GB / month€1,00 / GB / month
Developer center
Documentation & guides
Community forums
Billing support
Customer Portal access
Ticket-based support
Phone support
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What's a Gear?

A gear is a resource-constrained container that runs one or more user-specified software stacks, also known as cartridges. Each gear has a limited amount of RAM and disk space.

If an application needs more resources, it can be configured to automatically use more gears.

Gear Sizes

Gears come in multiple sizes to suit the needs of various software stacks. All plans include 3 small gears for free.

Small $0.02C$0.02€0,02/hr 512MB RAM recommended for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Node.js, MySQL
Medium $0.05C$0.05€0,04/hr 1GB RAM recommended for Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Large $0.10C$0.10€0,08/hr 2GB RAM recommended for Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

How Do Gears Work?

Let's look at an example Drupal-based app running on OpenShift. We can estimate the needs and costs of the app at different stages.

Just starting out

15 pages/second
Hundreds of articles
~ 50k visitors per month

3 Small Gears


Pretty popular

45 pages/second
Thousands of articles
~ 200k visitors per month

Up to 5 Small Gears


Making it Big

120 pages/second
Ten thousand articles
~ 15M visitors per month

Up to 10 Small Gears


Standard Drupal 7 install with normal caching, mostly anonymous traffic, and a 2% update rate. Estimated costs assume the maximum number of gears running continuously, and include the platform fee where applicable but no add-ons.

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Custom Quote

Need more gears, extra storage, multiple users or priority support? With over 1.6 million applications deployed, OpenShift Online can scale to support organizations of any size. Contact us today at and we'll scope a plan that's tailored to your needs.

Regional Availability

OpenShift Online is currently available in North America (the U.S. and Canada) and in Europe (EU member states and Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland).

Private PaaS

With Red Hat's award-winning private Platform-as-a-Service, OpenShift Enterprise, you can bring the benefits of OpenShift to your data center or private cloud. OpenShift Enterprise is an on-premise PaaS solution that allows you to deliver apps faster and meet your enterprise's growing application demands.

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