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All monthly plans include three small basic gears for free - enough to create three entire web applications complete with private database instances. With our Bronze and Silver plans you can add production gears, extra storage, and more on a cost-per-hour basis. Plus, with the Bronze and Silver plans your applications never idle due to inactivity.

Gears & Storage

Gears are secure containers for your code. Each gear is allocated CPU, memory, disk, and network bandwidth. You can use a single gear to create an entire web application complete with a private database instance. Use multiple gears to create multiple applications or configure your applications to automatically scale in response to web traffic (learn more).

CPU Memory Storage Region Usage
Basic Gears
Small 1x 512MB 1GB** US only $0.02C$0.02€0,02 / hour*
Production Gears
Small.highcpu 2x 512MB 1GB** US & Europe $0.025C$0.025€0,025 / hour
Medium 2x 1GB 1GB** US & Europe $0.05C$0.05€0,04 / hour
Large 4x 2GB 1GB** US & Europe $0.10C$0.10€0,08 / hour

* All plans include 3 small basic gears for free
** With the Silver plan each gear includes 6GB of disk space
** Bronze and Silver plan users can add up to 30GB of additional storage to individual gears for $1.00 / GB / monthC$1.00 / GB / month€1,00 / GB / month

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Regional Availability

The OpenShift Online Free plan is available worldwide.

The OpenShift Online Bronze and Silver plans are available in:

  • North America (U.S. and Canada)
  • Europe (EU member states, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, and Russia)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Free plan really free?
Yep. Use our Free plan for as long as you like. We won't even ask for a credit card.
Why should I upgrade to a paid plan?
As a paying customer, you can add production gears, extra storage, and more on a cost-per-hour basis. Plus you'll get access additional features and remove idling from your applications. View a detailed plan comparison.
Are free gears still included with paid plans?
Yes, 3 small basic gears are included for free with all plans. The biggest difference between these 3 free gears for paid and non-paid accounts is applications on paid accounts will not be idled due to inactivity.
Can I upgrade from the Free plan to a paid plan?
Indeed! And the best part is that when you upgrade, all of your applications will remain intact.
Are there any contracts to sign?
Never. Payments are made month by month, and you can cancel at any time. The OpenShift platform is designed to provide freedom of choice.


I'm looking to switch. Can I import my existing applications?
You sure can! Check out the migration articles on our blog to get started.
Where are your datacenters located?
Our monthly plans support two geographic regions - US and Europe - so you can deploy apps closer to your users, with less latency. Small gears are available in the US region only.
Is my data safe and secure?
You bet. Red Hat has a long history of managing the packages that make up Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including industry-leading responsiveness to security vulnerabilities and managing its online presence on Linux systems. OpenShift Online is managed and maintained by Red Hat as part of the service (learn more).
Can I use a subdomain for my application?
Yes, all applications you create will be accessible via a secure, customizable subdomain on
Can I use my own domain name?
Yep! OpenShift makes it easy to use your own domain name for your applications.
Do you provide console access?
OpenShift allows remote access to your application via the Secure Shell protocol (SSH). Use the command line to directly manage the server, check logs and test quick changes.
Can I add extra storage?
With our paid plans you can add up to 30GB of additional storage to individual gears on a cost per GB basis.
Do you offer custom gears?
We do! With our Dedicated Node Services, you can create custom gears configured to work with internal (VPN) services, custom software, and more.
How can I contribute to OpenShift?
Bring your favorite technologies to OpenShift as a QuickStart or make your code reusable in a Cartridge. Or get the source and extend the platform upstream in the OpenShift Origin community.
How can I request a new feature?
Your feedback drives our design process. Your votes count! Help drive product direction by suggesting and voting on features.


What form of payments do you accept?
We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
I tried to upgrade to Bronze/Silver, but my country is not listed. Why not?
The Free plan is available worldwide. The Bronze and Silver plans are available in North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), Israel, and Russia. Interested in a paid plan, but don't see your region listed? Tell us you're interested!
Why was my credit card declined?
Our billing system places a $0.00 authorization hold on your payment card account in order to verify your account information. Some financial institutions will decline an authorization hold for this amount and we will be unable to verify your account information (learn more).
What is the billing cycle?
The billing cycle is by calendar month, or in other words from the 1st to the last day of a particular month.
When do you charge my credit card?
Shortly after the end of every month you will receive an invoice for the next month's subscription fee and the previous month's usage. For Silver plan subscribers, you will receive a prorated invoice immediately after you upgrade your account to start your subscription.
Am I charged while my gear is stopped?
Yes. Your diskspace, CPU, and memory are all reserved while your gear is stopped. If you want to save an application for future use take a snapshot of it and then destroy it. You'll be able to create a new application from the snapshot image anytime to bring it back online.
Do you offer refunds?
We don't offer refunds, but we do offer a fully-functional free plan so you can see if OpenShift is right for you. Sign up for free.
Can I pay in advance?
The OpenShift Online Annual Plan package gives you access to all the best OpenShift Online features, including unlimited use of 15 large gears with 6GB of storage each and a fixed-fee yearly payment model.

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