Red Hat Quay

A distributed, highly available container registry for your entire enterprise

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Quay Enterprise

Red Hat® Quay container and application registry provides secure storage, distribution, and deployment of containers on any infrastructure. It is available as a standalone component or in conjunction with OpenShift.

Secure granular management

Complete control over who can access your containers, track changes, and automatically scan for vulnerabilities.

Quay repository settings screenshot

Fast and robust at any scale

High availability and geographic replication for the running of multiple instances of Red Hat Quay across several regions and syncing between data centers.

Quay Enterprise diagram

High velocity CI/CD

Build and deploy containers automatically in response to git pushes: GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, and others. Secured with a robot account, and an easy-to-audit history.

Quay CI/CD screenshot

More features

Enterprise authentication

Integrate to your existing identity infrastructure: LDAP, Keystone, and more

SSL encryption

Transit between and your servers is secured automatically

Teams-based access control

Teams can collectively have access to manage specific repositories on your account

Security scanning

Automatically scan your container images for known security vulnerabilities

Robot accounts

Create credentials designed for deploying software automatically

Logging and auditing

Auditing is essential for everything in your CI pipeline. Actions via API and UI are tracked

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

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