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Stockviser provides financial analytics for individual and institutional investors.

“I have used several platforms. In the end, I chose OpenShift and grew my digital assets on this platform due to overall satisfaction on stability, performance and feature set.”

– Max Azaham


Tap4Parking is a unified EU digital parking ecosystem.

“The advantages OpenShift provides are price, promotion opportunities, and the startup program.”

– Igor Shapataiev


Phanbook is the next-generation Q&A, Forum and CMS software. It is an online discussion and question/answer site for professionals and enthusiasts.

“OpenShift gives the freedom to quickly deploy applications without hassle. It is one of the few reliable hosting solutions for Phalcon PHP. You just to edit code then push to OpenShift, that is awesome.”

– Thien Tran Duy

Yalim Aytul's Painting Portfolio

This website shows my painting portfolio. It's a responsive website built on OpenShift with PHP and MySQL, along with many other technologies. It renders high quality images and provides a variety of subjects, techniques and painting mediums.

“I picked OpenShift because it provided many different platforms and tools. I'm primarily a Java backend developer but I got my hands dirty on different technologies like NodeJS and PHP. I love the idea of using a single platform and being able to code in different languages.”

– Yalim Aytul


Lovebeauty is a social ecommerce platform to congregate sellers, buyers and bloggers. Users can buy their favorite products recommended by others from social networks.

“I'm interested in OpenShift mainly because it is a Docker Container based PaaS. I like Docker and believe it will be the next generation virtualization mainstream. OpenShift also provided a very good user interface.”

– Liang Cheng

Yith Library

Yith Library is an online password manager. It helps you to keep your secrets under control in a secure and easy way. Your online data is too valuable to avoid protecting it seriously. It allows you to manage your credentials and other passwords using the best security practices.

“I like the fact that everything is open source and if I want I can run an OpenShift cluster in my own Raspberry PI mini cluster. I also love the fact that I can develop my own cartridges if what I want is not available in the marketplace. That's something truly unique in OpenShift.”

– Lorenzo Gil Sanchez


ConnectedMob provides free Facebook cleanup and personal analytics. Users can identify interesting patterns in their Facebook data and analyze their profile using easy to understand charts and graphs. Users can also search their profile to find objectionable content posted/commented using the search feature.

“OpenShift is developer friendly. Deploying and redeploying is easy and it provides the ability to host a variety of applications.”

– Niranjan Sonachalam

Quiet Vibes

Quiet Vibes showcases a collection of ambient noise recordings done in multiple places around the world. It is targeted towards an audience that would like to experience a sense of presence within various places around the would through sounds right in their office or living room.

“OpenShift is easy do deploy and there is a possibility to host apps for free. The app was up and running within minutes. It took me less than a day to create the website.”

– Vadim Grinco

Geeks Box

It's a social network to share geek stuff you own. Examples include: homemade arcade machine, cosplay costumes, games, gadgets, anime, modding, computers, etc.

“I haven't tried other PaaS platforms but I think its really hard to beat OpenShift's tools and infrastructure.”

– Germán Sánchez Rodelgo


Kecha is a text based messaging web application. Users can find their peers by searching for their first and last name. I am working on supporting Kecha application for Android using JAXRS services with support for storing voice and other media types.

“I was really interested to learn about OpenShift cloud platform from Red Hat. I like the promise of on-demand service functionality from OpenShift PaaS and its ability to scale out of the box. OpenShift also gives an opportunity to try out new web-applications on the public cloud.”

– Sonam Samdupkhangsar

Vogon Finance Tracker

It's a simple application for expense tracking and planning personal finances. Something like, but much simpler and targeted for manual entry rather than downloading bank statements.

“OpenShift has no vendor lock-in and getting Java container such as Tomcat or WildFly running is very easy, just a few clicks in the web interface. I've evaluated almost all popular application servers and my application itself had to be seriously rewritten or its build process had to be changed. Getting a Tomcat container working is a multi-step process in other containers.”

– Dmitry Zolotukhin


MarketVibe tracks stock prices and financial news sentiment surrounding each stock and graphs financial news sentiment surrounding a company versus it's stock price.

“I compared and contrasted the various hosting services and chose OpenShift because it is very user friendly.”

– Chris Russo

Visual Expressions

Visual Expressions is a tool to construct regexp expressions in a natural and handy way. With Visual Expressions all you need is follow the on-screen instructions and get a result!

“OpenShift offers several ways to work with applications to choose which best fit your needs.”

– Andrey Savchuk

R.T. Currency Analysis

R.T. Currency Analysis is a real time currency rate analysis application for getting the real time update of the currency rate.

“I would put OpenShift over other hosting platforms because of its excellent Java development support which is mostly missing in other development platforms.”

– Ashique Chowdhury


This is a simple app that takes the URL of a markdown file on GitHub, and outputs a pandoc converted PDF. I wanted to use pandoc specifically, because it produces PDF’s that were beautifully created with LaTeX.

“With Openshift even the platform is open, so technically I could always host my own if it was ever discontinued. You don't have this win with the other proprietary PaaS/hosting providers.”

– James Shubin


SpeakLikeThem is a platform that allows people exchanging the knowledge of their respective mother tongue and culture. The application targets everyone who wants to learn or improve his/her foreign languages skills. It is the web transposition of the 'linguistic tandem,' two natives or bilingual speakers meet to speak alternatively in each other's language.

“OpenShift provides a seamless deployment process and developer friendly monitoring tools that allow us to focus on coding and nothing else.”

– Olivier Royer & Alberto Bortott


The Medical Application Platform fights medication non-adherence by reminding people to take their medications and reminding them if they miss them. It allows you to search through over 300,000 medications and schedule them to yourself or to someone else. It is used by patients, nurses, sons & daughters and various other people that need to take more control of their medication.

“We tried a variety of PaaS' before settling on OpenShift. The deal breaker for us was that we were able to migrate over our entire platform in a day without any technical support. The smooth transition as well as the security and benefits of Red Hat's cloud computing services made it a no-brainer.”

– Dean Hutton

SoCal Water Map

Displays several back country water reports on a map for planning our long distance or weekend hiking treks.

“OpenShift was the first cloud provider I tested out, mainly since I am doing JBoss development. It was so easy to use I never bothered trying another.”

– Darren Osten


TruthMapping is a tool to collect, organize and test ideas where users interact in a way that prevents digression and grandstanding while at the same time all assumptions are explicit and all quotations are shown in context. It is a tool to allow people to more effectively communicate their ideas and get feedback from others.

“OpenShift is very easy to use and since it dynamically scales based on traffic at any given moment I have one less thing to worry about. It is clearly designed to make life easy for the application developer who wishes to be more productive with their time.”

– Jack Paulus


OpenBLOOD is a non-profit organization platform to search blood donors available around your locality who registered as a volunteer blood donor.

“Before choosing OpenShift I did research on a few Cloud Platforms and I found OpenShift was simple, secure and powerful enough to deploy our web application.”

– Ramakrishna Siripuram