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Connecting to Twitter: A JBoss Fuse on OpenShift Tutorial

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6 min, 41 seconds

In this tutorial you will use the Twitter connection example included in JBoss Fuse on OpenShift to create a simple connection to poll a constant feed of Twitter, listen for a keyword and then publish the results in real time to a log. You will learn how to modify the key word and save your changes so you can listen for a key word of your choice. And once the connection is made we will show you how to monitor this connection. Read the blog post to learn more.

How Boeing Drives Innovation with OpenShift Enterprise

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16 min, 22 seconds

In this video from Red Hat Forum 2014, Kevin Meredith of Boeing explains how their company is utilizing OpenShift Enterprise to streamline and accelerate ideas into realities for employees within the workplace by building applications faster and more efficiently to extend Boeing's legacy of innovation into the world of software development.

OpenShift and Microsoft .NET in Action

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7 min, 09 seconds

We are collaborating with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift, as an open source community-driven effort in OpenShift Origin. The demo will show the work done to date and how easy it is to deploy a .NET application with OpenShift. Read more in the blog post: Microsoft .NET Apps on OpenShift – Wait, what?.

OpenShift Operations Monitoring Overview

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24 min, 00 seconds

The OpenShift Online Operations Team has published the OpenShift-Zabbix repository, which contains monitoring scripts for monitoring an OpenShift installation. These scripts are used to monitor the OpenShift Online environment using Zabbix. They are aimed at enabling OpenShift Enterprise and OpenShift Origin users to also have a starting point for monitoring their OpenShift deployments as well. Read the blog post for more information.