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435 votes

Please provide a DNS SERVER

Submitted on Mar 24, 2012
326 votes

International hosting options [Europe]

Submitted on Mar 14, 2012
287 votes

Native support for play framework application

Submitted on Feb 14, 2012
169 votes

Make databases scalable

Submitted on Oct 21, 2012
148 votes

at least one port for external use (excluding 8080), please

Submitted on Oct 12, 2012
130 votes

support sharding for MongoDB

Submitted on Feb 2, 2012
101 votes

Support for RabbitMQ

Submitted on Feb 9, 2012
99 votes

Log watch tool

Submitted on Feb 11, 2012
86 votes

Amazon S3 mounted locally

Submitted on Dec 22, 2011
75 votes

Support for real browser testing using Selenium in Jenkins

Submitted on Dec 20, 2011

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